People who came of age before the Clinton years can remember when oral sex still seemed edgy, even taboo.

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Sexual experiences include a range of behaviors, but research on sexual behaviors and consequences focuses primarily on vaginal sex. Oral sex occurs at rates similar to vaginal sex, and carries some, though less, risk than vaginal sex. The current study examined the event-level prevalence and consequences of oral sex compared to vaginal sex with other-sex partners in first year college students.

Both positive intimacy, physical satisfaction and negative worrying about health, guilt consequences were less common for oral than vaginal sex. Gender differences suggested that female adolescents may find vaginal sex more rewarding than oral sex whereas male adolescents may find them equally rewarding. Although sexual experiences are multidimensional and include many Free sex chat Columbia Maryland, research on adolescent sexual behavior predominantly focuses on vaginal sex defined here as a penis penetrating a vagina in heterosexual samples.

However, little is known about how individuals experience oral sex, and how this experience differs from vaginal sex.

In this article, we examined prevalence and consequences of oral and vaginal sex in an ethnically diverse sample of college students. Use of daily data enabled us to examine within-person differences in oral compared to vaginal sex, and to understand proximal perceptions of sexual experiences.

However, oral sex is as, if not more, common. Rates of engaging in oral sex are relatively similar to rates of vaginal sex for U. It is also important to understand consequences of oral sex from both risk and normative perspectives.

From a risk perspective, consequences of sex can be reinforcing. Thus, if individuals perceive oral sex as less rewarding, they may be less likely to engage Woman want real sex Bridgeville California oral sex compared to vaginal sex in the future. Although not specific to consequences, other daily and ecological momentary assessment EMA studies have shown increased positive affect, decreased negative affect, and less social anxiety after reports of vaginal sex compared to measurement occasions when adolescents had not had sex Fortenberry et al.

Less is known about the experience of oral sex compared to vaginal sex. For positive consequences, late adolescents in the U. Adolescents accurately believe that oral sex is less likely to result in negative health outcomes, such as STIs and pregnancy than vaginal sex Halpern-Felsher et al. College students report more negative reactions to hookups that include vaginal sex compared to other types of sex, whereas oral sex hookups are not associated with negative reactions Lewis et al. Past work has provided important information about consequences of oral sex, but questions remain. First, most studies do Lady seeking sex tonight PA Paris 15021 examine actual experienced consequences at the within-person, event level, instead examining ratings of hypothetical scenarios Halpern-Felsher et al.

In addition, prior research has examined long-term consequences of sex, which may be more influenced by intervening experiences. One exception is a study by Hensel et al. Thus, in the current study, we examined within-person consequences of sex on days of oral compared to vaginal sex.

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There are also gender differences in perceived consequences of oral and vaginal sex. Sexual double standards in the U. Work examining the role of gender in relative consequences of oral and vaginal sex has focused on long-term consequences. In the current study, we build on this past work by examining gender differences in the daily consequences of oral compared to vaginal sex.

Due to prior conflicting and the lack of studies of short-term consequences, Any women ever go out to the lake is difficult to predict the direction of gender differences for short-term consequences. The current study used event-level daily Horny singles in Pomfret Connecticut to examine experiences and consequences of oral and vaginal sexual behavior.

This work extends past research by testing within-person differences in oral and vaginal sex consequences. Specifically, the goals of the current study were to:.

Wanaque NJ wife swapping the perceived positive and negative consequences of engaging in oral sex compared to vaginal sex. Based on past research, we predicted that oral sex would lead to fewer positive and fewer negative consequences than vaginal sex.

First year students at a large Northeastern U. Eligible individuals were 17—20 years old and were U. In total, students Each semester, participants received an with a secure link to the survey. Participants completed informed consent electronically. Each semester they completed one longer web-based baseline survey, and then each day for the next 14 consecutive days received an inviting them to complete a daily survey about the prior day, resulting in up to 14 days of data per participant per semester.

In Semester 2 S2 Of these participants, These rates were due to low rates of sexual Just want to have sex with no strings attached in Hardin TX on any given day rather than due to low completion rates, as Participants contributed a total of 17, days of data during Sex Dating ME Unity 4988 and S2. Because vaginal sex, Chesapeake housewife dating our definition, can only occur with an other-sex partner, we removed 27 days of oral sex with same-sex partners Participants in this analytic sample averaged Although data in this article were based on a sub-set of days from these participants, we calculated average daily response rate for this sample based on all 28 possible days.

Whereas this past research examined motivations to have sex in order to achieve or avoid a particular consequence, we assessed whether participants actually experienced these consequences. We assessed three positive consequences grouped as physical satisfaction two items: feel physically satisfied; feel a thrill or rush and intimacy one item: feel intimate or closer to a partner. We also assessed six negative consequences, categorized as worry about health three items: worry about pregnancy; worry about STD exposure; worry about HIV exposure and guilt three items: went against morals or ethics; parents may find out; wish had not had sex.

These have been empirically validated as groupings of motivations in past research Cooper et al. For each category that had two or three items, we created a categorical variable that indicated whether the participant experienced any of the consequences in that category. All consequences are shown in Table 1. Performing and receiving oral sex on a given day were combined to indicate whether the participant engaged in oral sex on that day. We created a type of sex variable to indicate whether participants engaged in oral sex but not vaginal sex coded as 1 or vaginal sex with or without oral sex coded as 0.

We coded variables this way because of our Hot Adult Singles Irvine webcam chat in the distinct salience of engaging in oral sex compared Lookin for friends to chill tonight vaginal sex.

On any day for which participants reported that they engaged in at least one sexual behavior, they were asked several follow-up questions, including the gender of their partner and their relationship with the partner. Our first aim was to describe the frequency of oral compared to vaginal sex in a sexually active sample, as well as characteristics of these sexual experiences e.

That is, of the 17, days sampled, only 4.

Table 1 shows percentages of participants who experienced each sex-related consequence on days they had oral sex, compared to days they had vaginal with or without oral sex. Rates of experiencing negative consequences were substantially lower, with participants reporting at least Palmasdegrancanaria az girl pussy negative consequence on less than half of vaginal sex days and on about one quarter of oral sex days.

Our second and third aims were to examine the perceived positive and negative consequences of engaging in oral sex compared to vaginal sex, and to Bancroft MI adult personals how gender moderated this association. At Level 1 dayswe estimated the following:.

These coefficients were predicted by the following at Level are shown in Table 2. The coefficient examining gender differences for the intercept i. There was no ificant effect of relationship status on intimacy consequences.

There was no ificant effect of relationship status on physical satisfaction. There were no ificant between-person effects of having oral sex on experiencing a health consequence.

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There was no ificant effect of relationship status on worrying about health. There were no ificant between-person effects of having oral sex on experiencing guilt. In addition, students felt more guilt when they had sex with a non-relationship compared to relationship partner.

In this study, we compared consequences Right now hot girls oral sex Wildwood girl fucks consequences of vaginal sex, demonstrating that positive consequences were quite common for both oral and vaginal sex, though less common for oral sex.

Negative consequences were less common than positive consequences, and were less common for oral sex than for vaginal sex. There were a of gender differences in the relative consequences of oral compared to vaginal sex. This finding was consistent with the limited prior work on college students, and work on early adolescents that has demonstrated that oral and vaginal sex are commonly initiated around the same time, and that vaginal sex occurs after oral sex and other sexual behaviors Chambers, ; Lam et al.

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Thus, these sexual behavior patterns seem similar whether initiated earlier in adolescence or later during emerging adulthood. On days that participants did have sex, however, engaging in both behaviors was most common, followed by engaging only in vaginal sex, and, least commonly, engaging only in oral sex. This finding supports past work with younger adolescents and college students, which suggests that vaginal sex is more common than oral sex, but that both Ladies looking nsa Penelope Texas 76676 relatively infrequently Hensel et al.

In fact, protected oral or vaginal sex carries little physical risk and, in actuality, occurs with less frequency than other behaviors that carry potential severe short-term e.


For these college students, engaging in sexual behavior, often with a dating partner, was a largely positive experience, as students report these experiences are physically and emotionally satisfying. Hot pussy in Pocahontas findings suggest the importance of studying sexual behavior from a normative developmental perspective that considers positive consequences such as intimacy and physical pleasure as factors that contribute to normative sexuality development.

Thus, positive consequences from day-to-day sexual experiences likely contribute to subsequent sexual self-concept and sexual satisfaction. Consequences of sex differed by type of sexual behavior. In our study, at the within-person level, college students were less likely to report worrying about their health as a result of sex on days they had oral sex compared to days they had vaginal sex.

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